When will I receive my seed potatoes?
We will make deliveries for orders placed in Montana (and northern Wyoming) prior to Easter. We will contact buyers beforehand to arrange delivery.

Where does Holbrook Seed Potatoes deliver?
We travel through all the major cities in Montana. Our western route take us through the Bitterroot, north through the Flathead, and along Interstate 90. Our eastern MT route takes us north on Interstate 15, east on Highway 2, and home along Interstate 90. For points off the main routes, we arrange convenient drop locations. We confirm delivery location for all orders before we deliver. For orders placed in northern Wyoming, we will leave your order in Laurel or Billings, unless other arrangements can be made.

I do not live in Montana. Can I order seed?
Yes. Please select Mail Order customer type for orders less than 100 lbs.  If you are a garden center or larger grower outside of MT, please select US Wholesale as the customer type.

What does it mean to be certified?
In order for seed potatoes to be accepted as certified, each state has standards for quality and genetic purity that must be met. All states with certification programs have similar criteria but can differ in thresholds for diseases. Montana has some of the most rigorous standards in the industry. By purchasing certified seed potatoes, buyers can be confident they will receive healthy seed.

What if I need my seed before March?
Please contact us. The old wives’ tale that potatoes should be planted on Good Friday is seldom a good idea except for the warmest locations in MT. Barring unexpected circumstances, we strive to have all potatoes delivered before Good Friday to satisfy the early birds.  For orders destined for warmer climates, we will ship starting in late February, weather permitting.

What if I only want a few pounds of potatoes?
Please use the Mail Order customer type when browsing availability.  We ship in 20 lb. increments per variety.

I want to buy seed but can pick it up myself. Is the price for the potatoes the same?
No, please contact us for pricing.

What does it cost for delivery?
The listed price for seed includes delivery in Montana for MT Wholesale customers.  For mail orders, the cost of shipping will be included at checkout.  For wholesale orders placed outside of Montana, we will provide a freight quote after the order has been placed.

When can I order?
We will accept orders for delivery until March. We advise that orders be placed in December and January for best selection of varieties.